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General Practice, Technology and the Virus – Reflections

General Practice, Technology and the Virus – Reflections

July 25, 2020

In the is episode, Dr Andy Foster reflects on the last 5 months of the pandemic and how General Practice in the UK has coped with the Challenge of the Virus. In particular how technology has helped.


This is a reflective episode and revisits many of the themes covered in depth on eGPLearning over the last 6 months, providing a good overview or introduction to this topic.


The slides were prepared ahead of a presentation to Bristol Medical Technology Society, but we felt the reflections were worth sharing with the medical technology community.



Working From Home – A light hearted introduction

Personality Typing in General Practice

Personality Typing in General Practice

July 11, 2020

In this episode Dr Andy Foster talks about personality typing and how it can be useful to help teams and individuals work more effectively together in organisations. The focus is on healthcare organisations and UK General Practice, but the video should be useful to anyone looking for a way to introduce a group of people to MBTi. 

The focus is on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator system. 

In this video you will learn (or be reminded) about: 

  • Why investing in EQ and Soft skills are important 
  • How to interpret a Myers Briggs profile 
  • Why this might be useful in your organisation 
  • Personal Development 
  • Managing and developing teams 
  • Conflict resolution and prevention 

The video is structured around a teaching session that was delivered at my practice to demonstrate how you could do something similar at your organisation. 


Dr Andy Foster’s Blog and powerpoint slides 

16Personalities – great source of free MBTI testing, profiles and information 

Analogue tips for surviving digital overload

Analogue tips for surviving digital overload

May 2, 2020

Today Dr Andy Foster talks about his three top tips and principals to help people manage their COVID crisis induced digital overload.

This is a bit of a change of pace from our usual content… but maybe we all need think about how we are using technology from time to time.

eGPLearning News and Updates 11 April 2020 CORVID Hubs& Tech

eGPLearning News and Updates 11 April 2020 CORVID Hubs& Tech

April 12, 2020

Join Andy and Gandhi as they talk about the rapidly COVID evolving world and digital primary care. Our hubs are up and running and we share our experience and ideas.

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Understanding the hype cycle for primary care technology

Understanding the hype cycle for primary care technology

March 21, 2020

Today will talk about the hype cycle for primary care

What is the hype cycle?

  • A graphical representation of the maturity and adoption of trends or technologies
  • Model developed by Gartner a US research and advisory firm. It is branded, they sell reports and analysis to industry. Thanks for the concept Gartner. 

Why might this be useful?

  • Useful as a way of conceptualising 
    • How technologies go through the journey from discovery to mainstream use
    • Recognising that hype does not always equate to real utility
    • Understanding that many technologies don’t make it to mainstream adoption
    • And that even those that will will have a period of reduced interest
    • Main application in timing your own or your organisations adoption of a technology and reducing the risks when you choose to embrace an innovation

 We are going to create the eGPLearning 2020 Primary Care Health Technology Hype Curve

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