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How to do your GP Appraisal (2019)

How to do your GP Appraisal (2019)

August 1, 2019

Do you understand GP appraisal? In this episode, I am joined by Dr Zoe Norris who explains what you must, should and can do to complete your appraisal and revalidation including some useful resources.

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Thank you to the Derbyshire GP Task Force for sponsoring this video.

Hear Dr Zoe Norris talk about appraisal.

We cover:

🔷 What is appraisal

🔶 What is revalidation

🔷 What is a quality improvement activity (see RCGP guidance-

🔶 What is mandatory, what you should do and what you can do

🔷 The difference between a log entry and a reflective entry What is PDP and how to make it SMART: Top tip - have non-clinical PDP items.

🔶 What to do if you have not completed your PDP - do you have to?

🔷 What DrGandalf’s appraisal toolkit looks like Then we look at a presentation for resources. Access it here:

A brief comparison of the eportfolio toolkits you can use including Clarity, GPTools, Fourteen Fish, GMC toolkit, MAG form and Digitalis.

📘 Clarity toolkit walkthrough:

📙 GP Tools :

📕 Fourteen Fish:

📗 MAG form:

📘 Digitalis:

📱 DrGandalfs tracking tip is to use Wakelet. Wakelet video guide:

⌨ Improve your typing speed with Keybr Keybr:

📱 Track your complaints, certificates and compliments using Camscanner.

Walkthrough video:


Using Evernote as a notepad:

RCGP Mythbusters site:

📑 Link to a certificate of engagement:

Thank you to the Derbyshire GP task force for sponsoring this episode:

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Acronyms of General Practice

Acronyms of General Practice

June 27, 2019

Acronyms of General Practice - a guide with the GP Taskforce

Do you know all the acronyms of General Practice? What the various organisations and names mean and how to navigate them. This session is sponsored by the GP Taskforce.

Below is listed the variety of organisations and acronyms you need to be aware of when working in General Practice.

Contact the GP Taskforce: https:///

Acronyms of General Practice- Governing organisations

NHS - National health service split into:

NHS England :

NHS Improvement :


NHS Digital:

CCGs: Clinical commissioning groups

HSCA : Health and social care act :

STP: Sustainability and transformation partnerships/ plans

Acronyms of General Practice- Organisations that support GPs

RCGP: Royal College of GPs

CSA: Clinical skills assessment

AKT: Applied knowledge test

WBPA - Work based place assessment

RCGP Vale of Trent faculty:


BMA: British Medical Association - our Union

GPC: General Practice Committee -

JDC - Junior Doctors committee

ARM: Annual regional meeting

LMC: Local medical committee 

Nottinghamshire LMC:

Derbyshire LMC:

Acronyms of General Practice- New Structure organisations.

PCN: Primary care networks -

PCN CD: PCN Clinical director-

GP Federation - Wikipedia

ICP: Integrated care partnerships/ place

ICS: Integrated care system

HEE: Health education England

HEEM: Health Education East Midlands-

CPENS: Community provider education networks. 

Acronyms of the General Practice contract

GMS: General Medical services -

PMS: Personal medical services-

APMS: Alternative provider medical services

DES- Direct enhanced services

LES- Local enhanced services

Acronyms of General Practice- the monitors...

GMC - General Medical Council:

PAG : Performance advisory group or professional advisory group

Performers list:

CQC: Care quality commission -


Acronyms of General Practice - the protectors

MDO: Medical defence organisations

MDU: Medical defence union -

MPS: Medical protection society-

MDDUS: Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland

MDS: Medical Defence Society-


CNSGP: Clinical negligence service for GPs

If need to report a complaint contact 

NHS Resolution:

Or email: or call 0208112700

GP Taskforce :

GP-S : Mentoring.

CPD engagement certificate:

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👨🏾‍⚕️Dr Gandalf’s essential GP equipment list 👨🏾‍⚕️ see here:

📸Equipment to record patient consultations for teaching – a guide📸: