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Attending an Online conference

August 1, 2020

After hosting and attending several online conferences recently, Andy and Gandhi share their tips on how to get the best from attending an online conference and running virtual ones.


Today… Talk about 

Some stories in the news that caught our attention

Online conferences - Had a great time hosting the first S1 FBUG Online Summit - learnt a lot and will share


Quick Shout out to 

  • @JoeTidy - BBC cyber security reports - spoke to about 2017 NHSCyberAttack - Hi Joe
  • Bristol medtech society
  • Jacey Melody and Sonali Kinra - long time listeners and patreons
  • Dr Minal Bakhai and providers
  • Surina Chibber from MyLocum Manger

Great eGPLearning Content….

  • Digital first providers guide
  • Top tip for 

Story in the news…

GPs should do 'all' consultations remotely going forward, says health secretary

  • Matt Hancock always been a fan of online consultation - vindicates that position
  • Good to have air cover for increased appointments
  • Can we go too far?
  • What is being missed?
  • Have we moved too fast? PAtients without access… how do we know it’s safe…

NHSX launches clinical communications procurement framework

  • Some familiar names on list.
  • Discuss opportunities.

Online Conferences

  • Big Shout out to Attendees, Sponsors and Speaker at the S1FBUG Online Summit
  • We had a great time
  • Let’s talk about the Experience of Attending and Running an Online conference.


Getting them right

Different from meetings and webinars



  • Multiple speakers
  • Multiple simultaneous sessions
  • Sponsors and giving them value


Recreating those things that happen at live conferences - networking


Really impressive platform - Hopin


Prepping the guests, speakers, sponsors and helpers… on boarding


Tech support on the day


What sessions did we have?

  • Speakers
  • Sessions with Sponsors
  • Ardens
  • Great demonstration on the Eko Stephoscope


Reflect on feedback - delegates and sponsors


What next for online conferences and eGPLearing?

Thanks, subscribe, interact and have a great weekend

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