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Be an entrepreneur in medicine: interview with Dr Vinay Shankar

July 12, 2019

Be an entrepreneur in medicine: an interview with Dr Vinay Shankar

Hear how you can become an entrepreneur in medicine like Dr Vinay Shankar as he talks to Dr Andrew Foster of eGPlearning about his diverse career as a GP Partner in Nottingham, working with IBM’s Watson, AI platform, starting a sustainable T-Shirt Business and writing a children’s book. He has a blog and a great podcast where he interviews innovative and entrepreneurial figures in healthcare.

Find out about Vinay’s work here…
Twitter: @VinayShankar

4.41 Entrepreneurial spirit and learning from starting a sustainable T-Shirt business

8.50 Completing a Masters in Leadership, Education and Research. Creating and using Narratives and storytelling in medical education and practice. Choose your own adventures for medical training?

8.10 Masters project - using IBM Watson AI platform to examine data from Twitter to achieve insights into the personality types of clinical entrepreneurs.
Link IBM Watson

12.55 Entrepreneurial culture within the NHS. Can it work without the prospect of big cash rewards? Is intro-preneurship the answer?

17.30 What is it like to use the IBM Watson Platform

27.00 Will AI Replace jobs in healthcare?

30.10 Taking a creative writing course and creativity in medicine.

31.50 “15 Minutes with the Doctor” – Vinay’s experience of starting and running his podcast.

33.15 Using storytelling in day to day Primary Care.

35.15 Vinay identifies his top healthcare technology trends.
· Genomics and personalised care
· Artificial Intelligence

38.25 Managing risk within AI systems. Who owns the risk and will this question hold back the field?

41.20 Why did you become a partner so soon after the end of training? And Vinay’s lessons for those starting out in Primary Care and Technology.

46.05 Vinay tells us about his Favourite apps and how he would invest £100M in Primary Care health technology.
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