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Best COVID19 Dashboards

January 16, 2021

Best COVID19 Dashboards


Check out our review of COVID19 Dashboards including our perspectives on which can help you understand and track COVID19 and more. Links and Timestamps below


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00:00​ Intro and SUBSCRIBE


02:25​ MIT Review website:


03:00​ Nextweb review website:


03:13​ GOV.UK COVID19 Dashboard:


10:23​ WHO COVID19 Dashboard:


13:10​ John Hopkins University COVID19 Dashboard:


14:45​ HealthMap COVID19 Dashboard:

15:50​ Watch COVID19 spread across the world


16:30​ Plague .Inc app:

Plague.Inc boardgame:


17:28​ NextStrain:

18:38​ Watch Ebola spread across the world

19:18​ Watch COVID19 strains spread across the world


20:30​ Woldormeter COVID19 Dashboard:


22:48​ Our favourite COVID19 Dashboards

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Quick video consultation skills for doctors:


How to register with the NHS app:


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