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Big News Digital Primary Care 20.6.20

June 21, 2020

Big News Digital Primary Care 20.6.20


Join Andy and Gandhi as they explore new updates to digital primary care with N365, RCGP council and exclusive information about the S1 FBUG SystmOne Online Summit:


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SystmOne User Group Online Conference Announcement!!!!!!


S1 FBUG SystmOne Online Summit:


Join in before all the early bird tickets go. 


Whilst we waiting for Gandhi let’s look at a story in the news….


“NHS Strikes deal for Microsoft365 digital tools”


NHSX/Digital agreed on a deal to deploy M365 tools across the NHS


Agreement runs 15 June 2020 to April 2023


Includes MS Teams - initially limited to 3m from March

Good news as some organisations and groups were holding off investing time in teams, as access could have been time-limited


Narrative from Matt Hancock and government is that

they are making most up to date digital tools available to NHS

Acknowledging innovation during COVID19

Getting the basics right.

Providing Tools for productivity, COLLABORATION and…

Cyber security right


This news is welcome and a real improvement

After using windows xp (released 2001) and IE7 (released 2006) until about 3 years ago

… and the lapsing of security updates around the time of cyber attack…



Office 365 for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Email and Teams

Windows 10 & security features


“Significant cost savings” - But how much?

Why am I excited by this…

I’m a big fan of office 365 and have a subscription

Previously Google Drive

Office applications are more mature

better compatibility

more storage on 1 drive - 1TB! Vs 15GB with google

Creates a network effect… value of a product or service increases the more people use it - like Facebook / twitter etc.

Great for collaboration - particularly Teams

A chat, projectmanagement, document sharing, video meeting/consultation tool that is suitable for sharing patient identifiable data

THAT ALL OTHER NHS ORGANISATIONS WILL ALSO BE COMFORTABLE USING (and committed to using as it will be staying around) - will be a game-changer for cross-organisation meetings and virtual MDTs.


Bad news for Zoom?


Any downsides?

LOCK-IN… So much value might be created by what the NHS builds on the platform, that it would be difficult for the NHS to function without the platform or to migrate to another that we become LOCKED IN… And Microsoft can up the cost considerably in a few years… as cost of leaving will be too great.

But I’m sure NHSDigital have thought of that right?

Squeeze out, other innovators?

Gandhi ready to Join from RCGP Council virtual meeting?


How is the council working out as a virtual meeting?


How many people?

How is it compared to the usual council meeting?

How well do you think RCGP coped and responded to COVID?


Support for public and profession in the media?

What role does RCGP have in adoption of technology by the profession?

Does it have a tech strategy?

How well do you think it is doing in this regard?


SystmONe User Group Online Conference Announcement!!!!!!


S1 FBUG SystmOne Online Summit:


Join in before all the early bird tickets go. 


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