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Can FebriDx confirm which infection you have?

April 9, 2020

Can FebriDx confirm which infection you have?


Lots of point of testing CRP kits exist to help tell you if a patient has a bacterial or viral infection. Watch here to see if FebriDx can confirm which infection you have and its use in General Practice. 


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Declaration - I was provided this equipment for free but have not financial stake in the company and have not been paid to make this video. 


In this episode:


01:30 FebriDx - point of test kit

02:00 The FebriDx device

02:27 How to use the FebriDx : please note you do not need to press the button to use the lancet it does fire on pressing on to the finger.

04:10 Interpreting the FebriDx

05:02 How to use FebriDx in General Practice

06:55 The negatives of the FebriDx device

07:50 What effect has the FebriDx had?

09:00 Would I use the FebriDx?


FebriDx website:


FebriDx data:

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