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COVID Vaccination DES Set up

November 7, 2020

Join Andy and Gandhi LIVE as they talk about setting up a COVID flu vaccination clinic with respect to what we know of the DES as the Government announces plans to start vaccinations in the next couple of months.


This episode has guest appearances and more....

Speculated DES guidance:


COVID Vaccination DES - Awaited

Due last night….


Approved by GPC Thursday…

Leak leading to info on GPONline & Pulse


Sun - GPs Open at weekends, Xmas day, boxing day

GPs told the have a “Moral Duty” without understanding implications - workforce


So what do we believe is in the DES?????


Use GP surgeries to deliver COVID19 Vaccine, as early as December


975 vaccinations a dose at single sites per network = 81 hrs - 12hrs a day, 7 days a week

PCN sites

PPE and distancing


GP Consent?

Standardized consent package produced centrally


Group consultations?


Side effects including fever, monitor for, not known

Drive-by not practical


£12.58/dose, 2 doses, paid on second dose (even if the first dose is given?) exemptions process possibly?

Is this enough?


Logistics and storage, “vial of 1000 doses”, 2 people to draw up, -70c until used


Streamline your practice rota and save time with Lantum:

AccuRx COVID Vaccine delivery plan:


RCGP Mass vaccination guide:

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