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Digital Primary Care update- Flu and Digital CQC..

October 10, 2020

Join Andy and Gandhi for their regular update on Digital Primary Care on flu, CQC regulation of digital health and more.... see below for links

10 Oct Update Episode






How we doing


Digital PC round up


Today looking at

A new document from CQC - Draft strategy for discussion

Announcement about flu delivery

Redmoor digital journey planner

Anticipated information from NHSe


Andy - So Gandhi - new flu announcement, I haven’t read - what is it about?


New Dept of health supply of flu vaccines for practices


HTN article about Draft CQC strategy document


CQC Published New Development strategy including digital health 



Changes accelerated by COVID19

Recognises regulator must transform









New restrictions in providing care

New digital channels

New ways of working

New services

Offer regulation that is more relevant

Managing risks and uncertainty

“As the regulator of health and social care, we need to cement our place in that new world. As I’ve said previously, we’re not going to return to the way we worked previously — this will mean some big changes.”


Use of data and analytics and “AI” to support intelligence-based activity - to assist regulation and target inspections?


The greater importance of dashboards




Look at touch points on a patient journey - patient-centered shift?

We want our information to help people make decisions about care and to enable and empower them to drive change. 

Look at effectiveness systems of not just organisations but systems - PCNs, ICS, CCG?

Renewed focus on inequalities? Champion in everything we do… More pressure on systems to address these?



This means a more dynamic approach to regulating: moving away from relying on periodic inspections of services

and harnessing information from all sources to continually assess the quality and update ratings. Data will underpin all our activity, allowing us to understand risk and how people are experiencing care, 

target our resources for the greatest impact, and be more proactive than reactive.

Greater use of data and dashboards to target activity

Responsive rather than cyclical and planned


Looking at the value of services to the community and effect on the overall system? - Implications for services like GP at hand?


“Where services are innovative, we’ll look at how they benefit people as well as how they support the sustainability of the local community and how they meet their social and ethical responsibilities. We’ll recognise and capture where quality has improved and will share this learning”



we’ll commit to enforcing standards of safety much more proactively so that services focus on protecting people, including their human rights. 

Where quality and safety are compromised, we’ll be quicker to intervene to prevent unnecessary harm to people caused by unsafe and toxic cultures. 



We want to provide benchmarking information so they can measure their performance against similar services, and then make sure they have access to the support they need to make the changes real.

Improvement partnerships? CCGs, NHSE & Area teams, LMCs?

Similar work:


NHSD survey work on online consultations

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