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eGPlearning Podblast Review 2019

January 10, 2020

In this episode, we will be looking forward to 2020 and what health technology and eGPlearning PodBlast will be bringing to the world, and our survey: ....


eGPlearning Podblast 2019 Review and Looking forward to 2020




We looked back and reminisced in our Xmas episode with Ben Gowland of The General Practice Podcast - friend of the podblast:


Now looking to the future.


A word about our partners - HTN, The Health Technology Newspaper, your daily dose of news for the health tech community, join us for HTN digital Week on 23.1.20:


Changes over the last year



Event Speaking 

Video Conferencing:

Digital GP Fellowship: 

Using the new practice website and video 


Changes and highlights with eGPlearning Podblast in 2019

Great Guests :

Nikki Kanani of NHS England:

Liz Ashel-Payne of ORCHA:

Changes behind the scenes - Learnt lessons

Tried to improve quality

Found a regular base, experimenting with audio-video capture - new equipment!!!!

Experimenting with episode format - different types of episode


Survey - Help us shape our style, format, and content by completing the listening survey




 🏆 eGPlearning Podblast Awards 2019 🏆


📳 Innovative tech company 📳

🏆 ORCHA sign up:


📈 Disruptor of the year - not bad or good - shakes things up 📈

🏆 NHSE with PCNs - Hello Nikki Kanani

And our honourable mention to Babylon


🚫 Trickiest episode to film - 🚫

🏆 Zoom episode:

honourable mention Jeff and Consumer wearables:


Future - Hoping to do with podblast and beyond

More interviews

Deep dives

Update episodes


Serving Primary Care Health Tech Community - Aims for 2020


Online courses and toolkits


Health Innovation East Midlands:


Conference - TEPCAL2020

Productive General Practice - using video more

Social media in primary care

Online consultations


What are we excited about in Primary Care GP Health Tech


Andy - NHSApp - critical mass allowing digital healthcare to go mainstream

Gandhi - Organisations beginning to embrace technology - LMC, NCGPA, RCGP - video, podcast, LMC app

Andy- Consumer health devices becoming mainstream and integrated with primary care

Gandhi - Connectivity - everyone


Predictions for 2020…


But first recap 2019 predictions - true or false.


Andy - Peak AI Hype - we will be talking less about AI…

Gandhi - Rise of personalised medicine

Shout out to Shubz - improving and providing time for communication between primary and secondary care and beyond - How did your prediction come along?


Predictions for 2020...


Andy - Increase in workload resulting from Digital-first agenda and NHS app

Gandhi - Online consultations mainstream

Thanks for listening


Please remember to complete our survey


Looking forward to journeying into the future of primary care with you all in 2020!

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