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GP Well-being with Dr Helen Garr - The Wellbeing GP

October 24, 2019

Do you know how to look after your well-being as a GP?

In this episode, I am joined by Dr Helen Garr- The Wellbeing GP as we talk about how to improve your well-being in primary care.

Which tip will you use?

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This video is sponsored by GP Task Force: providing wrap-around support for Derbyshire General Practice. 


01:05 Dr Helen Garr: The Wellbeing GP





02:10 Helen is a portfolio GP working at Cripps Health centre at the University of Nottingham


02:27 She also works at the GP health service now called NHS practitioner Health: or text NHSPH to 85258


This is free to any doctor or dentist in England and completely confidential. 


05:13 Locally we have the Nottinghamshire LMC wellbeing site to support GPs. See


05:48 GP-S provides free mentoring to GPs in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area.


07:30 How to recognise burnout

09:53 Do you have an emergency chocolate or treat drawer? Comment if you do. 

10:16 The five ways to wellbeing

11:03 Connecting with others

12:10 Would you have a practice board game club?

12:30 Learn something new (doesn’t have to be clinical)

13:06 Timetabled practice meeting

13:20 Podcasts for learning

13:44 see our episode on appraisal with Dr Zoe Norris:

14:12 GP reading list:

14:22 This is going to hurt by Adam Kay:

14:47 Exercise and activity

15:10 Exercise snacking

16:40 Standing desks:

17:40 how do you call your patients in or would you do burpees?

18:56 Mindfulness - being present and taking notice of what is going on around us. 

19:58 How to clean your teeth mindfully…

20:27 Apps for mindfulness like Calm which is free for healthcare professionals or try Headspace:

24:00 Giving

24:35 Pay it forward

25:50 Summary of the five points of well being


This video is sponsored by GP Task Force: providing wrap around support for Derbyshire General Practice. 


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