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GP workload crisis - Digital Primary Care update 3.4.21

April 3, 2021

Join Andy and Gandhi for our Digital Primary Care update including discussing the dawn of a GP workload crisis, vaccination passports, PCN DES contract, and more....


Is there still a workload crisis?




The last few weeks is it busy?

Andy / Gandhi


The theme in the industry media around workload


Year-end for Practices and PCNs, looking forward to 21-22


Changes to workload pressures QOF restart

We’re looking at some stories and tell you about content coming up in next few weeks...

GPs working average 11-hour day, major survey reveals


11 Hour WW notes

Results from Pulse workload survey - 1,400 GP respondents

Look at the infographic and discuss

11 hours working day and 37 patient a day (28 thought to be safe)

Longer consultation times


Survey also asked about the impact of the pandemic

See infographic and discuss


Are telephone and online consultations saving time?

More stressful, less information (body language etc.), risk of f2f in a pandemic to manage

What can we do?

Erm….. Difficult

Recognise the impact of technology - pandemic safety and patient convenience yes, helping doctors - no?

Restart some old discussions about funding models, presentation of availability by gov/nhs, managing demand, token charges……?????

BMA says GPs can refrain from non-essential work despite April restart orders



Ready to restart QOF activity in April, CQC resuming some inspection activity

But joint BMA.RCGP guidance - January - 

But ongoing Vaccination clinics, maintaining social distancing… which says ‘most’ GP practices should pause all or a ‘significant proportion of their non-essential work, depending on local Covid rates – ‘remains relevant as we continue in the pandemic situation

Ongoing discussions about pausing QOF again???? - BMA spokesman

? non-story ish?


Workload impact of vaccine passports?

GPs should have no role in administering any vaccine passport scheme, RCGP warns



Government is likely to make some activities dependant on vaccination status - pubs, holidays abroads….

RCGP getting ahead of this and stating scheme should have zero impact on GP workload


Episode coming up about Vaccine passports when we know more in the coming weeks


Just use the NHS App as the basis for “passports”? Tab on their confirming vaccine status with authenticating QRcode?....Just call it allowing people to demonstrate vaccination status… legislate for misuse/discrimination and let industries decide.

What is new?

New DES Guidance published:


GP appointment data standardisation work 

Investment and impact fund 

Cancer early diagnosis 

Structured Medication reviews 

Enhanced health in care homes 

New ARRS roles 

- Mental health worker

- Paramedic

- Advanced practitioner

info and Content coming up about this from eGPLearning in the next few weeks to help you digest it

Work as normal?



Vaccination phase 2

QoF restart

PCN work

ICS work

GPs could be asked to review hospital waiting lists ‘on an ongoing basis’

6.6b to NHS for first 6m


120m to General practice in first 6m

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