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How Facebook Live can help your medical practice

February 27, 2020

How Facebook Live can help your medical practice


Do you want to know how to build a community around your practice or network that may improve workload and morale? Consider Facebook Live as shown in this episode. 


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In this episode, I interview Simon Elcock, business manager of Library House Surgery and creator of the Health Stream Toolkit


06:34 How do you use social media safely with patients?

08:42 How would you start using Facebook Live as a practice?

09:30 Mounting a mobile phone: 

Simple phone mount (about £6): 

Ulanzi Rig (DrGandalf's choice about £12) - 

Stand simple (about £10): 

Larger stand (about £30): 

10:10 Which webcam to use - Logitech C920HD

12:30 Better audio with boundary microphones: 

Simple (about £18): 

Blue Yeti (DrGandalf's choice about £80-100):

13.44 What benefit will Facebook Live give my practice?

17:30 Any tips to get started?

22:26 Creating reusable content

25:03 Using Facebook Live for Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

26:44 What is next for Library House Surgery and Facebook Live


For further support see the Health Stream Toolkit:


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