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How to be healthy in Ramadan in 2020

April 18, 2020

How to be healthy in Ramadan while fasting in 2020- a resource for patients and clinicians


With Ramadan starting in a few days this video is a simple guide of how to keep healthy during Ramadan especially during our lockdown period due to cororonavirus


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Ramadan is here and particularly in the UK, each fast is about 17 hours and especially during our coronavirus lockdown. Fasting can have a physical and emotional toll on the human body. As a result, it is worth covering the common conditions that affect people during this time and how to keep healthy in Ramadan in 2020. This information is not for religious purposes.


This information is available here as a PDF for easy sharing:


Coronavirus advice


Medically it is not advised to fast if you are symptomatic. This can lead to significant risks to your personal health. If you feel you should fast while being symptomatic please discuss with you local imam - however, this is not medically recommended.


Please do not congregate outside of your own household and use tools like Zoom or Houseparty to keep in touch with friends and family. 


What to expect:


Firstly only fast if you feel able to. Several groups of people are recognised to be exempt from fasting. These include those:


✳️ with an illness  like coronavirus

✳️ who are traveling

✳️ who are young (before puberty) or of old age

✳️ who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Because of the long time between starting the fast at sihori (suhoor/sunrise) and iftaar (sunset) in the UK, the fasting time of Ramadan can be a challenging 30 days of 17-hour fasts. If we have a hot summer this can make the fasting more difficult. Under coronavirus lockdown, this can be even more challenging. 


The first couple of days are difficult due to adapting to the lack of fluid and food. Often, after a few days, the body becomes used to this and sleep deprivation is often a greater challenge.  Ensure appropriate rest to tackle this, see below for tips.


Regarding work, explore with your employer alternate working patterns or use of leave if you are struggling. See our link on home working tips for more information. 


You should NOT see your GP for a fit note in this circumstance as fasting is not a medical sickness condition.


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