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How to get a job in General Practice (2019)

May 30, 2019

How to get a job in General Practice (2019)

If you want to know the types of jobs for GPs and how to get them, then watch this video and see tips from myself and Dr Jodie Blackadder-Weinstein (RCGP First5 Chair).

How to get a job in General Practice (2019) - Shownotes

0.58 Don't be overwhelmed

2.26 Finding locum work

3.00 Locum agencies

3.17 Locum network agencies - such as Lantum, RLocums etc

3.50 Free locum agencies - such as 999111

5.20 Just ask

6.00 Have written terms and conditions

6.45 Salaried jobs

7.12 Negotiate

9.28 The importance of regular practice catch up time

10.26 Partnership

11.37 Ask about the finance

13.05 Other GP roles in primary care

14.52 How to get your CCT

15.00 Appraisal

15.34 Subscribe to eGPlearning Podblast

17.30: Tech enhance your CPD

18.23 Joining appraisal networks

20.07 Consider your local RCGP faculty

21.00 Contact your LMC

22.50 Find your tribe

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