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NHS Covid App - Digital Primary Care update

September 26, 2020

Join Andy and Gandhi for their latest Digital Primary Care update on the new COVID app, DigitalPC20 prep, and more...




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26 Sept Episode - NHS COVID-19






Live Saturday Episode


DFPC Conference




Video on screen


Postcode - lets you know if area is high risk

Cant change

Info on localised measures and restrictions

Data stays on the app and doesn’t need to go anywhere else


Venue check in - QR code


Check symptoms

Read latest advice

About the app

Enter test result

Switch off contact tracing

How it works diagram and privacy - use FT diagram 

No centrally stored data - everything is dispersed across everyone’s phones…

Supposed to address privacy concerns 

No GPS or location data…

All data on phone...

Will people download it?

Use not compulsory

£1-10k fine if you refuse to self isolate… but the government won’t know

Matt Hancock stated was optional….

Will you use it?


Coverage needed?

50% based on comments about German App

In May Iceland had highest uptake with 38% of its 364k population

Singapore has 37% - early leader, bit more authoritarian

Should GPs use the app in surgery?

Can pause contact tracing for periods of time

Not use if wearing PPE??????

Flu clinics?


Should we display a code at the surgery - like bars, hair salons and other venues?

Bars etc. required to display under regulations

No contractual obligation - voluntary

Here is the link to create a code 


Will your surgery promote it?



NHS tests do not link to the app - relevant code currently not provided 


Will it overwhelm testing centres?


Why the delay?

“World beating app” supposed to be released 4 months ago?

UK rejects apple/google solution

UK Abandons own app 

Battery and privacy and technical concerns...




Missed opportunity?...

Window of opportunity still open?


Work as part of a whole range of measures


But will be so much more ready for the next pandemic?


Opens lots of future possibilities…

New model for handling health data and sharing health data

Gets people used to some health data

Google and Apple as health data partners - kudos and entrance for them to the area

Gets people used to using a smart app to guide health behaviours

Open doors for health apps in the future

So after all that - will you use it? Will you recommend it?

Digital Primary Care Conference:

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