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NHS Digital First Provider Guide - audio

July 30, 2020

A live guide to several primary care Digital First consultation providers facilitated by Dr Minal Bakhai of NHS England and with live demos of each platform and the opportunity to ask questions.


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Join Dr Gandhi and Dr Minal Bakhai (Deputy Director and National Clinical Lead for Digital First Primary care NHSE/I) as they speak with representatives from AccuRx, AskMyGP, eConsult, Engage Consult, Klinik and TPP SystmOne about their digital-first offerings for primary care.


This will include a live demonstration of each platform, rapid questions of functionality and an open question format at the end for our live viewers. 


01:00 Digital First General Practice with Dr Minal Bakhai


13:00 AccuRx:


19:00 AskMyGP:


22:10 eConsult:


27:45 Engage Consult:


33:55 Klinik Healthcare:


39:55 TPP SystmOne:


45:15 AskMyGP part 2


Do not miss this opportunity to learn about the different platforms that may help your practice or network area. 


50:30 Your questions answered: 


Do you provide integrated video consultations?

Do you provide automated digital triage?

What is the average cost of the platform?

What is your current patient drop off rate?

51:45 How do you support and ensure you do not leave the 'have nots' in society behind?


57:16 What is your forum for engagement with customers?


1:04:10 Which clinical systems do you integrate with and how deeply?


1:06:50 How do I change my digital-first system?




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