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Online meetings made easy in Primary Care

January 24, 2020

Online meetings made easy in Primary Care



Why have online meetings

  • Transport / distance
  • Time
  • Remote/home working
  • Disability

Types of meeting

  • Online
  • Hybrid
  • F2F


  • Obvious -- cuts out travel time and parking -- but these can be big issues
  • Increases attendance, reduces the cost
  • People can watch the recording if they couldn’t come -- don’t even need to be available at the time of the meeting
  • Actually superior experience in some aspects -- can hear well, shared screen for content, slides, cocreation in documents -- these don’t need to be big meetings… 
  • Sometimes you are enhancing or replacing a big meeting.
  • But can replace smaller meetings and telephone calls


What equipment do you need for an online meeting?

Online Meetings for Primary Care

You can start and host a meeting with just your laptop with webcam or tablet

If you just want to get started and give it a try. But if you want to run an effective hybrid meeting:




  • Smartphone or tablet
  • Headphones


Other roles


  • Keep timing of the meeting, 
  • Agenda
  • Coordinates people in the meeting room. 


  • Ensures the tech works
  • Screen share
  • Coordinates online attendees -- hands up!
  • Chat


  • Keeps minutes -- separate or on screen
  • Action log




  • Switch off distractions, notice on the door
  • Check battery power
  • Test data
  • Scan background for items not to be shared ie documents with patient identifiable info, open windows etc
  • Use headphones if an attendee



  • Press record
  • Introduce yourself
  • Ground rules
    • Establish chair, coordinator, minute taker etc. 
    • Mute microphone if not speaking



  • Share recording of the meeting -- server /private youTube/ podcast. Playback hack. 
  • Confirm actions and attach minutes if kept
  • Establish next meeting if appropriate
  • If first time,  enquire how to make it work better. 



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