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Ownership and pay rises in General Practice

March 6, 2021

Ownership and pay rises in General Practice


Digital Primary Care update 6.3.21


Join Andy and Gandhi as they cover the latest news in primary care including topics such as takeovers and more



Operose “partnership” to operate AT Medics

1% Pay Rise for NHS Staff

Operose - large private company

Now operate 58 practices, nearly 1% GP practices (6,658), >500,000p


Worries that GP is being parceled up and sold off to private business, foreign, American ones at that…


  • Why is this controversial?
  • Who are the players?
  • Do people understand GP ownership structures?
  • Does it matter? Should we worry?

AT Medics

  • Largest Group of GP practices in London, 37 practices, 49 sites, 120,000p
  • Innovative software and programmes - medic assistant

Operose Health

  • Owned by Centene
  • American
  • $111B Revenue 
  • NHS Budget £150B
  • Centene in Andaluz - Ribera Salud the template for ICS working
  • Medicaid and population health in the US, 25m Americans


  • My experience
  • Good experience of working with PCN practices
  • Good people


  • Nationally assembling a strong team 
  • CMO - Nick Harding OBE / Modality 


Does it Matter?

  • Londonwide LMC (Chief Exec Dr Lisa Rothwell) - Strong tradition of GP Practices being led by GPs and teams who live locally and work as part of the frontline workforce.


  • On the other hand - Investment - Efficiencies


  • increased competition to the market to improve quality for patients and get better deal for tax payer? 


  • NHS sets the price and performance expectations in the contract?


Understanding ownership of general practices - PArtnerships - need to change?


NSH 1% payrise 


Is it right or not?

Will you be clapping for carers or not?

Thanks to GP Online for the article

No Pulse article? Why?


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