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Pension advice for GPs (2019)

August 22, 2019

Pension advice for GPs

How much do you know about pensions as a GP? This video covers everything you need to know with our pension experts: Accountant Rachael Hall, GP Survival Chair Dr Nick Grundy, and ex BMA pension lead Dr Krishan Aggarwal.

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How much do you know about pensions as a GP? This video covers everything you need to know with our pension experts.

Meet our expert speakers:

Rachael Hall: @hall_nhs
Nicholas Grundy: @Nick_grundy
Krishan Aggarwal: @krishanx

2:00 Intro: Rachael Hall NHS pension accountant expert
2:30 Intro: Nick Grundy - Chair of GP Survival - support us at
3:00 Intro: Krishan Aggrawal - BMA lead for PEnsions
3:45 What is the NHS pension scheme as a defined benefit scheme and why is it different to almost every other pension scheme?
5:30 If I contribute more in a year that will benefit me more won’t it?
6:10 Dependence cover and Death in service benefits. What are they and what do you need to know?
7:00 ‘Death in service’ vs ‘Death in benefit/after service’
8:30 The difference in Tier 1 and Tier 2 payments
9:00 Why the NHS pension is so good
12:15 What is the annual allowance?
13:15 Why there is a problem with the annual allowance and the NHS pension.
14:45 Nick’s example of the annual allowance problem
16:40 The taper conundrum
17:40 Lifetime Allowance
20:42 Should I stay in the NHS pension? Racheal and Krishan’s answer

Property Investing for Doctors: Proven strategies for busy professionals by Lafina Diamandis:

23:50 Unofficial Pension advice - in Facebook groups especially.
24:50 Nicholas Grundy advice about staying in the NHS pension: ‘yes but…’ Why he left and rejoined.
25:57 the Tony Goldstone method.
The Goldstone pension modeler:

27:29 Capita…...The impact they have had and what you need to do.
30:00 What you need to do now as a GP
32.17: Should NHS England pay GPs for sorting Capita's failings?
33:00 How your Total Reward statements work:
33:30 Check your TRS!
34:40 Divorce and your pension.
36:20 The 50:50 offer
37:00 Rachael’s tips
37:30 Nick’s top tips
38:30 Krishan’s top tips

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