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Personality Typing in General Practice

July 11, 2020

In this episode Dr Andy Foster talks about personality typing and how it can be useful to help teams and individuals work more effectively together in organisations. The focus is on healthcare organisations and UK General Practice, but the video should be useful to anyone looking for a way to introduce a group of people to MBTi. 

The focus is on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator system. 

In this video you will learn (or be reminded) about: 

  • Why investing in EQ and Soft skills are important 
  • How to interpret a Myers Briggs profile 
  • Why this might be useful in your organisation 
  • Personal Development 
  • Managing and developing teams 
  • Conflict resolution and prevention 

The video is structured around a teaching session that was delivered at my practice to demonstrate how you could do something similar at your organisation. 


Dr Andy Foster’s Blog and powerpoint slides 

16Personalities – great source of free MBTI testing, profiles and information 

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