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Post lockdown eGPlearning Podblast update part 2

May 9, 2020

Post lockdown eGPlearning Podblast update part 2


Join Andy and Gandhi as they explore what primary care might look like after the coronavirus lockdown comes to an end in the UK. 


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Life after Covid Part 2




Continuing our conversation about how  COVID has brought a lot of changes and innovations in a short period of time


Check out part 1 where we talked about demand management and total triage, patient behaviour and resilience and video consultations:


Today we are going to talk about how more things might be changed by COVID...

+ Management of long term conditions

+ Working with colleagues in practice

+ Working with the wider MDT

+ And… how can we make changes stick


Live so - Engagement and Chat

+ Managing long term conditions

- 4 waves

- Online management… option

- Suppliers

- Apps from ORCHA etc:

- Issue of using multiple apps and channels in addition to NHS app?

- Not such an issue if interaction initiated by the practice?

- Single front door


+ Working with Colleagues

- Practice & PCN communications

- Loads of options… WhatsApp, Teams, Zoom

- Apps yes, but also the frequency of meetings - weekly pandemic PCN meetings, cell meetings...

- So many options and some improvisation in crisis - bit fragmented landscape

- What are you planning for practice and PCN for comms?

+ Wider MDT Comms and working

- Remote MDTs in care homes

- Community

- Increasing engage and reducing barriers

- Conversations around care home DES service

+ But will things really sticky

- What will go back to how it was before?

- Patient behavior?

- Inertia to change within NHS return?

- Deliberately and formally taking stock and planning path forward in your practices will help


How Facebook Live can help your medical practice:


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UKs COVID contact tracing app:


Pomodoro Technique for Primary Care:


Pomodoro Timer for Primary Care:

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Quick video consultation skills for doctors:


How to register with the NHS app:


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