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Practice Manager Question time with Practice Index

September 24, 2020

Join DrGandalf and Practice Index as we explore common questions by practice managers for GPs.....What could go wrong  😆




00:00 Intro and SUBSCRIBE

01:50 Are GPs actually as busy as they always tell us they are?

05:00 How do you prioritise what comes in?

08:00 How often do you disagree with a clinical decision made by another GP - and do you just go along with it?

11:05 If you were the Health Secretary, what would you change in primary care?

15:35 What is the most useful tech tips you suggest we pass on to our GPs?

18:15 What is the most useful tech tip you suggest for PMs?

22:00 What is your favourite piece of IT kit?

26:30 What item would you like but can not justify?

29:40 What roles covered by the new additional roles reimbursement scheme are you most excited about and why?

32:50 What are your views on primary care networks?

37:30 Digital Primary Care:

37:50 What do you think has been the biggest challenge we have faced as a result of COVID?

43:40 Practice Index:

43:55 Why don't GPs offer more PMs the chance to be partners when they bring so much value to the business?

48:40 How much does your heart sink when a patient starts the conversation with 'I've just Googled my symptoms.....'?

50:45 What is the worth of a PM?

56:00 What can practices do to make a GP "enjoy" their job again?

59:50 Practice Index:

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