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Primary care networks and 2019 a review with the General Practice Podcast’s Ben Gowland

December 27, 2019

Primary care networks (PCNs) were introduced in 2019 and have had a seismic impact on General Practice. The person leading the charge with information has been Ben Gowland of the General Practice Podcast and in this episode we review his 2019 and share our own and the impact of PCNs. 

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Gandhi -


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Hussain Gandhi – challenges for a new PCN Clinical Director


Tom Howseman – better managing demand through pre-triage protocols


Episodes with Dr Paul Bennet on:


Lessons from a duty system overhaul

(Time) saving begins at home

Dr Nikki Kanani episodes:


General Practice podcast:

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Gandhi tweet blogs for his PCN:


And Andy taking up the challenge.

Paul Defly practice unbound episode with network pharmacists:


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Role of federations with PCNs


What excites us for 2020


How the new roles will change primary care


Ben Andy and Gandhi’s views on the new roles for PCNs with an in depth discussion on pharmacists, paramedics, first contact physiotherapist, mental health workers and physician associates. 


We mention the work by Healthier Fleetwood in integrating care.


Is equal share in networks the best way to share resources?


Ben’s favourite work based app: Dropbox

And an honourable mention to Skype and other VOIP services. 


Ben’s favourite non-work based app: Audible and Zen Tennis


How would Ben Gowland spend £100 million on health tech and no red tape?

Solving trust issues with data sharing in primary care …...not an easy feat!


Predictions for 2020


Gandhi - excited about the digital revolution of primary care and anxious about the impact. With a caution on workload impact for all. 


Andy’s prediction: 

A collective news story of ‘PCNs on the ropes’

A lower impact of artificial intelligence in primary care. Ben feels it will be back with companies like Bablyon delving further into primary care.  



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