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Public Narrative for Primary Care Networks

May 16, 2019

Do you want to know how to share your story better to improve engagement as a leader - then consider using the public narrative? Hear from experts on how to create your own public narrative.

Using the public narrative is a way of sharing personal stories to convey a message and leading to a call to action. With primary care networks growing and a new generation of leaders coming forward, is the public narrative a way to help shape the network and improve engagement?

In this episode, I talk to Claire Thomas a salaried GP and owner of and Stuart Jackson of ICE creates. As they teach me about the public narrative and how it might benefit you, your network and your patients, particularly in sharing a unified, effective message.

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Helen Stokes-Lampard talking about Enid shaped care:

Barak Obama democratic conference video:

Marshall Ganz:

Prince Harry interview on his mental health:

Clean Language:

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