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Register with the NHS app

August 8, 2019

Register with the NHS app - a Walkthrough guide


Do you know how to register with the NHS app?
Do you know what it can do?

Watch this video to see this walkthrough guide and share with your practice if they are not using it.

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This video is sponsored by Connected Nottinghamshire

Listen in as I show you:

📲 How to download the NHS app
📲 How to use the symptom checker
📲 How to create an NHS login ID
📲 How to use the login to access the app
📲 How to register with the NHS app
📲 How to book an appointment at your practice with the NHS app
📲 How to confirm your donor preferences with the NHS app
📲 How to access your settings and more information in the NHS app.

Watch the video by clicking the image below:


See here for how to register at your GP practice:

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