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Safety in General Practice

November 28, 2020

Safety in General Practice

General Practice is not as safe as it used to be. In this episode, we highlight recent issues and explore how to keep clinicians safe in General Practice.


Talk about safety….

So much to do, can be easy to forget to give this attention


Self and those who work with and for our partnerships

Prompted by article by Shaba Nabi :




Home visits

    • Before… risk assess
    • Don’t need to go alone
    • During - behaviours, instincts…
    • Dogs…
    • After… checking in
  • Process is key
  • Services and devices can help
  • personal tips from Gandhi then Andy - anecdotes


In clinic

  • Document and intel from team
  • Risk assessment - not just violence… other allegations
  • Warn staff, get help on standby
  • Chaperone / support
  • Handling conflict - personal tips from Gandhi then Andy - anecdotes


In and around the surgery…

  • Car park
  • Lone working


Digital whole separate topic

  • But can get personal…
  • Identity theft...



  • Debrief incidents for whole team is really important
  • Learn


Little green button:


Suzy lamplugh orgnaisation:


Lone worker advice by health and safety executive

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