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Schedule appointments easily and save your time using Calendly

September 19, 2019

Calendly can help save you time by enabling you to schedule meetings without the back and forth communication exchange that impacts your productivity.

I show you in this episode why I find it so effective and helpful.

Calendly is a scheduling tool that integrates with your calendar to show when you are free. You share the link with an individual or group and then let them book to enable easy and rapid scheduling of meetings.

Calendly can be used for free or you can pay for extra functions. It has a clean interface and works well with great notifications and customizable options.

In this episode:

  • Learn how Calendly can enable quick scheduling of appointments
  • Watch how to create event types including setting your time frames for availability
  • See the various options to confirm appointments
  • See how theย teamsโ€™ functionย can enhance arranging meetings within a group.

I love this tool and it has made my life much easier and simpler with arranging meetings. What do you think?


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