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Spending you Primary Care IT budget

February 27, 2021

Spending your Primary Care IT budget


How would you spend your Primary Care IT budget? We set the challenge, hear Andy's views as we analyse the Primary Care IT market


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00:00​ Intro and SUBSCRIBE

00:20​ How would spend your IT Budget?

01:39​ Why look at IT budgets?

02:40​ The Primary Care IT options

05:00​ How did we choose the options?

07:50​ Explaining all the options

12:48​ How much do we 'spend' at present?

14:40​ Andy's Primary Care Digital Strategy

16:05​ Andy's Primary Care Budget

21:15​ Is he locking it in?

23:30​ Reflections on the choices

28:14​ Change and collaboration

29:00​ Extra 'special' information

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