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Starting a GP Podcast with Penny’s HIll Practice

February 18, 2021

Watch this episode to learn how to start a GP podcast for your patients with the team from Penny's Hill Practice. Full details and links below. 


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00:00​ Intro and SUBSCRIBE

01:00​ The Penny's Hill Practice Podcast team

01:55​ Why did you start a practice podcast?

03:45​ How do you choose your podcast topics?

06:25​ How did COVID19 Shape the podcast content?

07:45​ How difficult is it to record a podcast?

12:25​ Getting patients to support your podcast

15:18​ Sharing your podcast with ALL patients

17:00​ A stumper question...

18:05​ How effective is a podcast?

21:40​ How to start a podcast for FREE:

22:00​ Geoff and Sam's Top Podcasting Tips

23:00​ Getting Super Special Guests!!

26:30​ DrGandalf's Tip number 2

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Quick video consultation skills for doctors:


How to register with the NHS app:


👨🏾‍⚕️Dr Gandalf’s Top medical equipment for General practice 👨🏾‍⚕️ see here: 



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