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The best haematology app? Buku Haematology

January 17, 2019

What is the best haematology app?

Watch this review of Buku Haematology - a useful clinical reference resource that details how to manage haematological investigation results, work up for common haematological conditions and emergencies.

With a clean interface and clear explanations and reference to BMJ, CKS and national guidance it really is a valuable resource for anyone in primary care.

The highs and lows section covers individual test results and the implications of them to help clinicians understand how to manage the results in the context of each patient.

The coagulation section gives useful guides on problems with coagulation including FAQs on DOACs like Rivaroxaban.

The workup section explains common presentations and considerations for haematological conditions and how to manage from a primary care perspective and what point to refer.

The obstetric section has useful criteria for managing anaemia in pregnancy. The emergency section helps guide how to manage complex haematological emergencies.

Created by Dr Alex Langridge and Prof Steven O'Brian it really is a useful app that is updated in content on a regular basis.

Check out this app in detail use the link below to download it:

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