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Top Clinical Learning Podcasts for GPs (2019)

October 31, 2019

Do you agree with this list of the top clinical learning podcasts for GPs? Is your favourite on the list?


Watch the video and see if you agree or disagree.

Top clinical learning podcasts (2019)


The requirements to be on the list:

  1. Have a current release schedule
  2. Be open access


Honourable mentions:


The Good GP - an Australian based GP podcast with in depth views on clinical topics.


The GP show with Dr Sam Manger: is another Australian based podcast with a more conversational tone. I like their analysis and the topics are broader than the Good GP podcast.


MDTea: Is a Uk Geriatric based podcast with the multidisciplinary team taking part. Hosted by Dr Ian Wilkinson and Dr Jo Preston it is well worth a listen.


So what are my top 5 clinical learning podcasts?


5: RCGP podcasts. This includes the main RCGP Learning podcast:


And the RCGP essential knowledge update podcast.


Additionally there is the Sage General Practice podcast which is effectively the InnovAiT podcast (DOI I am an editor of this podcast).


4 The DTB podcast- drugs and theraputic podcast is a great listen about all things medicine and more.


  1. The BMJ produce a couple of podcasts. Their main one reviews the recent BMJ editions while the Best practice podcast covers clinical topics. 


Best Practice:


  1. Inside Health is a firm public favourite and a great listen. With Dr Mark Porter and Dr Margaret McCartney providing evidence it is a valuable update and a great way to know what is current in the world of medicine.


1️. Primary Care Knowledge Boosts is a concise clinical update podcast that is a great listen with hosts Sara and Lisa who have a great rapport and make the topics relevant and an #easyCPD hit. This is a must subscribe.


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