eGPlearning Podblast

Understanding the hype cycle for primary care technology

March 21, 2020

Today will talk about the hype cycle for primary care

What is the hype cycle?

  • A graphical representation of the maturity and adoption of trends or technologies
  • Model developed by Gartner a US research and advisory firm. It is branded, they sell reports and analysis to industry. Thanks for the concept Gartner. 

Why might this be useful?

  • Useful as a way of conceptualising 
    • How technologies go through the journey from discovery to mainstream use
    • Recognising that hype does not always equate to real utility
    • Understanding that many technologies don’t make it to mainstream adoption
    • And that even those that will will have a period of reduced interest
    • Main application in timing your own or your organisations adoption of a technology and reducing the risks when you choose to embrace an innovation

 We are going to create the eGPLearning 2020 Primary Care Health Technology Hype Curve