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What equipment to take to a GP conference

October 17, 2019

Imagine going to a conference to learn and having everything you need. In this episode I cover what I take to a conference to help my learning and comfort. Do you agree?

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I recently got asked what equipment I need at a conference. in this episode, shot at the Best practice Conference 2019 in Birmingham, I look at the various different ways you can use equipment to help with your learning or simply make attending a conference comfortable. I also look at the type of tech you may need if you are attending as a presenter at a conference.

00:47 Plan your objectives- look at the agenda and plan the sessions you want to attend
01:25 Smartphone yourself- the essential tech piece anyone should have (if recording do not forget your microphone… my Boya M1
01:55 Battery pack - 10000 amp should be more than enough 
02:32 universal charger cable - multiple heads are better than one.
03:14 compact charger plug 
03:37 an effective bag - especially to carry all your kit and some space for extra items- 
04:07 water bottle and healthy snacks

4:45 laptop or tablet: I use the Microsoft surface pro 6 
05:25 mini display port - an essential if you are delivering a presentation: 
06:10 Pen and paper - Dingbat notebook  and Frixion pen 
06:50 headphones and external Seagate USB hard drive 

What equipment do you take, comment on any of the eGPlearning platforms.

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